Porcelain and Ceramic Tiling

When it comes to tile installation, porcelain and ceramic are the most popular choices. These versatile tiles are perfect for floors and walls. At Orb Tile, we specialize in installing a variety of porcelain and ceramic tiles. As certified tile installers in Arlington, TX, we know the proper technique of installing these clay-based and kiln-fired tiles. Porcelain is a specialized type of ceramic and one of the most durable materials because it is water-resistant and even slip-resistant. We can install both porcelain and ceramic tiles on the interior or exterior floors and walls. Porcelain is made using high-density clay which is baked long at a high temperature. Ceramic, on the other hand, is made of red, white, or brown clay, and is available in both glazed and unglazed options. We are certified and insured tile installers offering both types of tile installation services. Both ceramic and porcelain belong to the same family and are perfect for creating spectacular surfaces.

The tiles we install are moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, and last for several years. We are EPA certified and offer tiles in a wide range of materials and designs. From ceramic and porcelain to natural stone and more, we install an extensive variety of tiles. Whether you need wall tile, floor tile, backsplash tile, or countertops, our services are available for all types of surfaces. Our team can install ceramic and porcelain tiles in the interior walls and floors, as well as outdoor walkways, patios, decks, and more. We are renowned for our brilliant designs and unrivaled services.



Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Installation

If you’re looking for bathroom or kitchen tiling, we provide the highest-quality tiles for all types of residential and commercial projects. We have ceramic and porcelain tiles to suit every space, style, and budget. We always carefully listen to the needs and expectations of our customers to deliver top-notch tiling solutions. From preparing the floors to post-installation cleanup, we handle every aspect of tiling projects. We ensure hassle-free installation from start to finish. Our tile installers keep improving their skills to provide you with long-lasting results.

With decades of experience in the tiling industry, we have gained the expertise to guide you throughout the tiling project. From helping you choose the right product to maintain your tile floors, we will be with you every step of the way.  Our experts can help you understand different types of tiles to ensure that you choose the perfect product for the right space. We have the tools and high-quality setting material to install porcelain tiles on high traffic areas, exterior walls, and even countertops. You can choose a color, design, and pattern that blends with the interior décor of your home. Our team is licensed and insured to install ceramic and porcelain tiles in homes, hotels, offices, retail outlets, and all other types of buildings.


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